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How Do I Join WorkOasis™

WorkOasis™ is a web-based facility management application that automates the entire process including:

  1. Work order entry (client)
  2. Work order receipt and estimated time of arrival - ETA (contractor)
  3. Work order completion (contractor)
  4. Work order approval and satisfaction survey (client)
  5. Invoice preparation (contractor)
  6. Invoice approval (client)
  7. Invoice payment (client)

WorkOasis™ is designed to be completely paperless, electronically driven, and intuitive to require minimal training for your support staff. It allows for complete visibility and access to information about each transaction including work order approval, invoice status and customer satisfaction.

Contractor Benefits:

  1. Time to complete a typical service transaction is greatly reduced
  2. Get paid faster.
  3. Upload insurance information on an annual basis rather than providing on a per job basis
  4. A listing in our national directory, WorkOasis Pages, of certified contractors to help secure new customers

To join, select Contractor Sign-Up from the menu. There is an annual $75 fee (subject to change) associated with the training and support received from WorkOasis. During the sign-up process, please provide electronic copies of the business license, liability insurance policy and workman's compensation insurance policy.

Note: Some contractors will be required to provide additional documentation, dependent upon the facility requesting service. Typically this would be an agreement to any site policies or additional contract terms and conditions.